Michael Stuber uses his knowledge, skills and experiences from the corporate world to address current challenges in politics and society. In his work, he concentrates on creating open-minded cultures and inclusive frameworks that specifically recognise Diversity.
Michael Stuber is convinced that valuing societal diversity will be a pre-requisite for social cohesion and economic welfare. In order to develop and disseminate his expertise, he has always networked with experts from academia, interest groups and public authorities.
Michael Stuber offers his expertise in key-note speeches, presentations and panel discussions, and he assists in public hearings, provides expert advice and political prognoses.

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"Until today, he is committed to innovate, to take an international perspective and base his work on evidence. No surprise as he is a German Engineer, making sure that all parts of D&I interlock and perform."
Profiles in Diversity Journal (Fall 2017)

"Both companies and employees benefit from Diversity, says Michael Stuber, owner of the European Diversity Research & Consulting which is specialised in Diversity. Mixed teams come to better decisions. The individual employees can bring in their own competences and feel valued - that raises the engagement."
Health@Work (18 August 2015)

“Companies that strive for diversity pursue economic goals”, says Diversity expert Michael Stuber. “This strategy clearly makes business sense.”
Die Zeit (May 2012)

"Diversity consultant and author Michael Stuber praises the economic benefits of this new credo."  
Die Weltwoche (3 March 2005)