Within the present change of values, internationalisation, and growing diversity, Michael Stuber sees real opportunities for the future of Europe. His contributions cover, among others, the following topics: gender diversity & equality, migration & integration, generations & demographic change, and work-life integration.
From his Diversity perspective, Michael Stuber questions traditional approaches and rigorously points out barriers to sustainable change.
Whether it is women in executive positions, accessibility or inter-religious dialogue – Michael Stuber shows new ways of using societal potential in a positive way. Areas such as education, family & generations, integration, equal opportunities, economic growth, anti-discrimination legislation and academic research are the primary foci of his work.

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"European Diversity provided us with insightful and professional support in the consolidation of our new Diversity and inclusion strategy. Their experience and proactive, holistic approach helped us to take a different look at how we do things, and build a solid business-value driven approach to reinforce our relationships with the stakeholders and position D & I differently in the company."
Suzanne Lewis, Head of D&I, Airbus Group (June 2014)

"It was a pleasure working with Michael Stuber. Indeed a resourceful and inspiring session with insightful analysis. I would recommend European Diversity Research & Consulting to companies which are keen to capture and realise the value of female economy be it in the workplace, marketplace or consumer space and more importantly gender balanced leadership."
Yasmin Wateler, Diversity Manager, Vodafone (2012)

„People often tell me: ,We don’t care about someone being black or white, straight or gay’ – but one should care“, says Stuber. „The only way to systematically leverage the diversity of talents is to consciously acknowledge differences.“
Handelsblatt (March 2012)

"Stuber’s recipe sounds easy: Valuing diversity boosts success."  
Spiegel Online (2 March 2007)

"Mr. Stuber does not think much
of the strict separation between work-life-balance and Diversity. He thinks even less of the fact that work-life balance is reduced to having both a career and children: ‘Work-Life-Balance is there for everyone’."
FAZ (4 November 2006)