Based on his surveys and experience as a consultant, Michael Stuber presents insights to the media as well as at international events. His statements and recommendations are underpinned with intriguing analyses and vivid examples.
Whether it is a lecture, a panel discussion or entertaining a large group, Michael Stuber always delivers mission-conscious and articulate presentations.
Journalists utilise Michael Stuberís expertise for their work. In addition to radio interviews, his research results and practical experiences have been featured on television. As an interviewee or commentator, Michael Stuber speaks of his expertise with vigour and engagement. His ability to illustrate complex changes and their implications make him a popular and welcomed expert in interviews with newspapers and magazines, in addition to the radio and television. He discusses topics such as the European anti-discrimination directives and immigration policies profoundly and advocates his positions convincingly.

Short Profile:

Michael Stuber is author of several books and contributions as well as of various professional articles and columns. His most recent book was published in August 2006 and describes the pro-active implementation of EU anti-discrimination directives in a corporate context. His publications often deal with migration & integration, women & career, demographics & globalisation, innovation & ethics. Striking, pragmatic and sometimes provocative, he describes his vision of an inclusive Europe.

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"Together with Michael Stuber, we have, for example, deployed dialogue sessions with a large part of our shop floor employees and their supervisors in order to promote a basic understanding of D&I and its importance. The results fed into specific workshops with management teams. This comprehensive approach contributed greatly to a deeper, shared understanding of D&I and serves as a base for our ongoing efforts, which ultimately aim at embedding the topic further in our corporate culture."
Claudio Cescato, General Manager, Jansen Supply Chain Schaffhausen, May 2016

"With their competence and experience, European Diversity has significantly contributed to the successful development of Infineon's Gender Diversity Network. In three workshops with the entire network and through intense collaboration with HR, we succeeded in clarifying roles, design strategies and define actions. Michael Stuber's external perspective and his ability to capture and address company specifics were major assets in the constructive development of solutions. His refreshing, to the point humor is a welcome added-value."
Dr. Monika Kircher, CEO, Infineon Austria (March, 2014)

"European Diversity Research & Consulting provided efficient and creative support in designing our Women Initiative kick-off day with almost 200 women at Bayer Animal Health and Crop Science in Monheim. Their experience in this field and Michael Stuber's excellent English communication skills helped to engage global participants and top managers in a lively discussion which resulted in valuable insights. They also were a big support in analysing the workshop's outcomes and in paving the path for further actions."
Dr. Afssaneh Rahbar, Diversity Manager, Bayer Animal Health (December 2011)

"Due to the professional support of Michael Stuber our 'Gender-Diversity-Day' was a great success."
Elke Kopp, Diversity Manager, Vodafone (March 2011)

"The optimistic attitude of the Diversity expert is read: The more diverse the workforce, the more enriching the teamwork."
Hamburger Abendblatt
(28 January 2006)

"Michael Stuber profoundly and eloquently facilitated our conference 'Invisible Potentials'."
Elisabeth Kurkowski, Global Diversity Team, Deutsche Bank (September 2004)